Tromsø’s Centre for the Law of the Sea will continue with same speed and magnitude as before

The funding period for K.G. Jebsen Center for the Law of the Sea has come to an end, but the  the Law of the Sea will continue at UiT The Arctic University of Norway

Leader for the centre, professor Tore Henriksen, explains that UiT The Arctic University of Norway, have provided funding for the Centre to continue its activities.

  • We are very grateful for the start-up funding we received from the K.G Jebsen Foundation. And now that the goal has been accomplished; we will continue independently on funding from various sourcesben” – says professor Tore Henriksen. “Researchers from all over the world contact us. More and more want to co-operate, to come for research stays and to apply for jobs with us, or to invite us to hold presentations at conferences

Read the article at UiT’s webpages.

The final conference for K.G. Jebsen center for the Law of The sea is to be held in Tromsø September 19-20. Read more about it here.

Ingress photo:  Bernt Paulsen/UiT