The Edvard Grieg Piano Competition

The Edvard Grieg International Piano Competition takes place in Bergen biannually. The 16th International Edvard Grieg Piano Competition will take place 1-9 September 2018. The Grieg competition aims to be a modern competition of high standards concerning impartiality and transparency. The key ambitions is a high quality competition with a inclusive atmosphere in Grieg’s own historic surroundings.  The competition is not among the largest of its kind but has gained a reputation in recent years as an attractive event with a local identity and international integrity.

The competition is carried out with extensive local involvement in cooperation with Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra. The participants stay in private homes and are given an opportunity to give concerts, go on excursions, take master classes and participate in activities together with their host families. This makes the competition an inclusive and generous introduction to Grieg’s music and to Bergen as a musical city. The competition has personality and warmth, on the one hand, while making stringent demands of the performers and the jury, on the other.

The Foundation has been the sole private contributor to the competition since it was moved to Bergen and Grieg’s home at Trollhaugen in 2012.



In brief

The competition in Bergen has been praised for its openness around the jury’s work, for example that it publishes how each jury member votes. The British music journal “The Pianist” highlights the competition’s “remarkable standard, high-quality judging and big prizes”; and states that it “has certainly found its place in the world”.


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