K.G. Jebsen Center for Autoimmune Diseases

Autoimmune diseases affect hundreds of millions of people worldwide with chronic disorders, vital organ failure and premature death in the same condition as cancer and heart disease. An autoimmune disease may affect one or more organs or tissues and a person may have more autoimmune diseases at the same time.

Today’s treatment is limited to replacement therapy and the use of anti-inflammatory drugs, which do not provide full-bodied health, but reduced quality of life and higher risk of premature death. K. G. Jensen Center for Autoimmune Diseases presents a new method for finding causes of autoimmunity with the aim of finding new diagnostic methods and person-based treatments based on this knowledge. With the expertise the center holds, both from the University of Bergen, Helse Bergen and national and international partners, the Center has the potential to take an international leadership role in the work on this important topic.

Group leaders:

Professor Eystein Husebye (director) – UiB/HUS: Expert in clinical and experimental endocrinology and autoimmunity, with a track record in identification of genetic variants and autoantigens as well as clinical and registry studies.

Anette Bøe Wolff (PI, deputy director) – UiB, an expert in molecular biology and functional studies of genetic disorders in autoimmunity.

Professor Kristian Løvås (PI, deputy director) – HUS, a clinical endocrinologist with vast experience in epidemiology, clinical trials, and patient registries.

Professor Olle Kämpe (PI) – KI, a world-leading expert in molecular medicine within the field of endocrinology and immunology; member of The Royal Swedish Academy of Science and The Nobel Prize Committee. Excellent track record in identification of novel autoantigens, clinical and registry studies as well as comparative genetics (dogs, chickens).

Professor Per Knappskog (PI), a world-leading expert in genomics and bioinformatics with an excellent track record in identifying novel monogenic diseases.

Professor Emmet McCormack (PI) – UiB, an expert in developing new immunomodulatorytherapies in leukemia; he will play a key role in designing new immune therapies.

Researcher Eirik Bratland (PI) – UiB, an expert in experimental autoimmunity using in vitro cell systems and animal models for the study of pathogenesis.

Postdoc Bergithe Oftedal (PI) – UiB, an expert in molecular biology and functional studies of genetic disorders in autoimmunity, recently characterized a new form of APS.

Ass. professor Jakub Abramson (collaborator)  – The Weizmann Institute of Science, a leading expert in autoimmune animal models related to immunological tolerance, especially in mouse models. User of CRISPR/Cas9 technology to generate mouse models.

About the centre:

Centre leader: Eystein S. Husebye
Startup: 2017
Host insitution: University of Bergen
Funding: 18 MNOK

Centre contact information:

K. G. Jebsen Center for Autoimmune Diseases
University of Bergen

Jonas Liesvei 91B, 8. floor Laboratorieblokken
Klinisk institutt 2
5021 Bergen

Email: lars.breivik@uib.no
Phone: + 47 55 97 30 77

Scientific advisory board:

Graham Anderson, University of Birmingham
Leif Anderson, Uppsala University
Adrian Liston, University of Leuven


Forskning.no 10.10.2017
Vonde opplevelser økte risiko for autoimmun sykdom (Traumatic experiences increase the risk of autoimmune disease)

UiB.no, 18.08.2017
UiB åpnet K.G. Jebsen senter for autoimmune sykdommer (UiB opens a new K.G. Jebsen Center for Autoimmune Diseases)

På Høyden, 27.02.2017:
UiB får senter for autoimmune sykdommer

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