How we work

The Foundation contacts potential partners itself. This applies to all kinds of projects. In this way, the Foundation’s funds can be put to effective use in projects that are in line with our partners’ strategies and priorities.

What role is the support from the Foundation intended to play?

The support from the Foundation should make a clear difference and enable selected projects to be carried out that would not otherwise be possible. The Foundation and its partners have a joint responsibility for highlighting the difference the support makes. The programmes are evaluated in order to assure their quality and goal attainment. See, for example, the evaluation of the medical centres in 2014; Evaluation of Stiftelsen Kristian Gerhard Jebsen’s Support of Translational Medicine.

Cultural projects

The Foundation will provide funding for the promotion of the arts (including the performing arts) of top international standard. Through its awards, the Foundation wishes to strengthen the arts in Norway and, if possible, achieve synergies between different projects.


Through its activities, the Foundation wishes to strengthen free and independent Norwegian research, and to contribute to developing research communities of top international standard. For the time being, the Foundation will focus on medical and marine/maritime research. Within these fields, the Foundation will concentrate its efforts on relatively few, large projects.

Also in this context, the Foundation will itself contact potential research groups to invite applications that will then be subject to peer review. Such contacts will be made in cooperation and understanding with the institutions and scholarly environments.

How to apply for support from the Foundation

The Foundation contacts potential partners itself, either directly and/or through calls for applications. In both cases, the process leading up to an award is carried out in several steps, usually through a call for applications/invitation to apply, consideration of applications based on external quality assurance, meetings/interviews and the signing of an agreement. The process will be adapted to suit the project, and it will be explained in calls for applications or clarified for potential applicants.

See calls for applications here: calls for applications